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Management-Intensive Grazing


Georgia-Specific Sites:

  • – The primary information source for all forage management information in Georgia.
  • Links to handouts from the most recent Georgia Grazing School:
  • National Grazing Lands Conservation Coalition (NGLCC)– Formerly the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative or GLCI, the National Grazing Lands Coalition was founded to provide high quality technical assistance on privately owned grazing lands on a voluntary basis and to increase the awareness of the importance of grazing land resources.
  • USDA-NRCS – Georgia State Office – This is a direct link to the NRCS’s state office. Updated information about cost-share programs for grazing land management is kept here.

Dairy-Specific Resources:

Other Service and Public Institutions:

  • Rotational Grazing – A publication produced by Extension Specialists at the University of Kentucky that is one of the most thorough informational bulletins on managed grazing.
  • Controlled Grazing of Virginia Pastures – A veritable treasure of grazing management principles in an easy to read and understand format.
  • Terminology for Grazing Lands and Grazing Animals – The online source for clear definitions of the many grazing terms.
  • Intensive Grazing @ TAMU - An extensive look at the practice of intensive grazing via Texas A&M University.
  • Managing Grasslands For Profit - Produced by NRCS in cooperation with several partners in July 2000, this 19-page booklet is a guide to grazing management in the Southeast U.S.
  • Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring - Developed by the NRCS in May 2001, this guide is used to inform landowners as well as professionals of the 10 indicators of pasture condition and the 6 causative factors affecting plant vigor with a procedure to assess each indicator.

Grazing-Related Publications

  • Graze - This is a monthly publication devoted to promoting management-intensive grazing and family-scale livestock farms and is published by Joel and Ruth McNair, Wisconsin farmers and journalists.
  • Stockman Grass Farmer - This is a periodical on management-intensive grazing issues and markets and is published by Allan Nation, an agricultural reporter and author of several grazing management books and publications.