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Management-Intensive Grazing

Farmer Case Studies

Sweet Grass Dairy - Jessica and Jeremy Little

Owned by Jessica and Jeremy Little, this Thomasville, Georgia dairy overhauled a conventional dairy into a MIG dairy that employs sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices to produce natural cow's and goat's milk and cheeses. [Visit their Web site at:]

White Oak Pastures - Will Harris

Will Harris's great-grandfather founded their family cattle farm in 1866, and Will is happy to carry on the legacy. A University of Georgia grad with an animal science degree, Will adjusted his farming methods to take advantage of the growing niche demand in organic and natural-foods markets for grass-fed beef. [Visit his website at:]

Happy Cow Creamery - Tom Trantham

Tom Trantham started dairy farming in the 1980s, but when business took a turn for the worst, he started looking for different methods. Now he runs Happy Cow Creamery, pasture-based dairy farm and an on-farm bottling operation. Mr. Trantham was featured in 2005 in a profile in The New American Farmer, 2nd edition. The Happy Cow Creamery is featured in a new Southern SARE video. You can also read Mr. Trantham's "how-to" recommendations in his new, in-depth manual. [Visit his Web site at:]